Salt Pepper Websites

Straightforward Websites for You

Welcome to Salt Pepper Websites!

Websites are virtual business cards — A quick and easy way to tell everyone about the products or services you provide, in addition to providing a professional way to contact you.

Why this over DIY?

There are many preexisting DIY website creation tools for businesses to create websites, and those tools are great. However, you often don’t have as much freedom (particularly when it comes to things like watermarks) and most importantly, you have to spend time. Your website is your virtual business card — You could make your own business cards, but having them done professionally demonstrates a level of professionalism to customers and/or stakeholders, in addition to giving you more time to run the business.

We can help you!

Salt Pepper Websites has been constructing and hosting websites since 2015 (under a different name), with a focus on small businesses/independent contractors. We chose the name “Salt Pepper Websites” because it captures the mentality we have with websites, which can be likened to the ingredients salt and pepper in cooking — Something that brings out the best of what’s already there.

Our clients are people who know their time is better spent running the business — Time is money, and for many its worth more to pay someone else to manage website construction and maintenance. If you are looking for something straightforward and businesslike, Salt Pepper Websites is the right fit for you!